Andy Gunn is a filmmaker, writer, editor, photographer, creative facilitator and lifelong cinephile.

You might find him out there directing a film or shooting a promotional video armed only with a camera, lights, sound gear, a full driving licence and car, worldwide insurance (including for hired-in kit), PVG membership and a flask of very strong coffee.

You might find him working with young people, helping them to develop and film their stories with smartphones or DSLRs.

You might find him hosting one of his celebrated workshops on screenwriting or filmmaking, or maybe MCing a film screening, Q&A or pub quiz.

You might find him backstage at one of his plays, silently mouthing the dialogue, getting it wrong and marvelling at the actors for getting it right.

Or you might find him at home, scrawling in a notebook, editing footage, hammering out a screenplay or writing about himself in the third person.

To work with him (me) please email

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Full Résumé


Short Films


Fertility Daze (2021) – director, producer, writer, animation director

Biscuit Thief (2020) – director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor

The Future Workplace (2019) – director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor

Night Terror (2018) – director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor

Reflections of a Private Eye (2018) – director, producer, writer

Phones Off (2017) – writer (dialogue)

No Frame is an Island (2017) – contributing director, press liaison

Requital (2016) – producer

Cycle Path (2009) – director, producer, writer (dialogue)


Governing Our Climate Future event livestream (2021) – director, producer, camera, sound, livestream operator

Speech Bubble screening video (2021) – director, camera, editor

Speech Bubble presentation video (2021) – director, editor

Sonas Work Hacks series (2019) – director, producer, camera, editor

Dancing with Trees trailer (2019) – editor

Maggies Culture Crawl event video (2019) – camera

Pandacar, "Sanctimonious" music video (2019) – director, camera, editor

Sonas pitch video (2019) – director, producer, camera, editor

Locarno Dining Room & Cocktail Lounge (2018) – director, producer, camera, editor

Hipsway album launch (2018) – camera

The Happiness Architect (2018) – director, producer, camera, editor

Radio Pachuco, "Teenage Dirtbag" music video and showreel (2017) – director, camera, editor

Digital Storytelling

Pilkųjų fėjų pinklės (Song of the Grey Fairies) (2021) – director, camera, editor

Jaunystės šaltinis (The Well of Youth) (2021) – director, camera, editor

The First Storyteller (2020) – director, camera, editor

Sutrūkęs ąsotis (Cracked Pot) (2020) – director, camera, editor

Singing Fish and the Amber Castle (2020) – director, camera, editor

Margaspalvė dama (Lady of Many Colours) (2018) – director, producer, camera, editor


Youth Filmmaking and Storytelling

In Our Words project (six films) (2021) – filmmaker, creative facilitator

Speech Bubble Drama project (five films) (2021) – filmmaker, creative facilitator

The Council of the Earth climate change film (2020) – filmmaker, creative facilitator

Story Squad film project (two films) (2020) – filmmaker, creative facilitator


Collaborative Filmmaking

It Came from Beneath the GFC (2018) – producer, contributing filmmaker

Because You Watched... (2018) – producer, contributing filmmaker

Eight Minutes to Sunset (2018) – producer, contributing filmmaker

The Ballad of Dusty Beaumont (2014) – director


Love the One You Hurt – writer

Eve (A Christmas Play) – writer (also director, producer – 2016)

Belgrade Terminal – writer (also director, producer – 2014)

Don't Wake the Baby – writer (also director, producer – 2014, 2019)

Corner Table – writer

Workshops and Screenings

Film Labs: Screenwriting, Cinematic Storytelling and No-Budget Producing (2017-present) – creator, host

Coronarama online charity film screening (2020) – organiser, host

Women in Media panel discussion (2018) – organiser

Café Flicker (2017) – host

International Short Film Night (2017) – host

Baltic Film Society (2015-16) – host, Q&A with filmmakers and guests

French Film Festival (2014-15) – host, Q&A with filmmakers and guests


The Department of Vocal Affairs (2019) – The Caledonian Mafia segment

Photography Commissions

Woodland Wonder – event photography

Pollok Silver Linings book – family portraits

In Our Words book – art photography