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Andrew Gunn's credits include film noir featurette Reflections of a Private Eye, short horror Night Terror and silent romcom Fertility Daze. Fertility Daze won the Greenlight Script Pitch competition in 2017 and is currently in post-production. Gunn's short documentary The Future Workplace was shown at three events during the 2019 Architecture Fringe.

Promotional videos include Lady of Many Colours for storyteller Daiva Ivanauskaitė, which has been shown on Lithuanian national television, and campaigns for workplace happiness start-up Sonas and the Locarno restaurant in Glasgow.

Gunn hosts screenings, events and workshops including a popular screenwriting lab which has been held at BBC Scotland, arts venues and film festivals. He consults on screenplays for industry professionals and emerging writers alike.

feature films

Gallowgate (in development)  director, producer, writer

The Minotaur (in development)  director, producer, writer

short films

The Future Workplace (2019)  director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor

Fertility Daze (2018)  director, producer, writer, animation director

Night Terror (2018)  director, producer, writer, cinematographer, editor

Reflections of a Private Eye (2018)  director, producer, writer (screenplay, story)

Phones Off (2017)  writer (dialogue)

Requital (2016)  producer

Cycle Path (2009)  director, producer, writer (dialogue)


SONAS Work Hacks series (nine videos) (2019)  videographer

Pandacar | Sanctimonious (2019)  videographer

SONAS pitch video (2019)  videographer

Locarno promotional campaign (four videos) (2018)  videographer

The Happiness Architect (2018)  videographer

 Lady of Many Colours (Margaspalvė Dama) (2018)   videographer

Radio Pachuco | Showreel (2017)  videographer

Radio Pachuco | Teenage Dirtbag (2017)  videographer


It Came from Beneath the GFC (2018)  producer, contributing filmmaker

Because You Watched... (2018)  producer, contributing filmmaker

Eight Minutes to Sunset (2018)  producer, contributing filmmaker

No Frame is an Island (2017)  contributing filmmaker, press liaison

The Ballad of Dusty Beaumont (2014)  director, writer (story)


Love the One You Hurt  writer

Eve (A Christmas Play)  writer (also director, producer – revival)

Belgrade Terminal  writer (also director, producer)

Don't Wake the Baby  writer (also director, producer)

Corner Table  writer


Film Lab: Screenwriting  host (2017–present)

Film Lab: Cinematic Storytelling  host (2017–present)

Café Flicker at GMAC  host (2017–present)

Glasgow Film Crew screenings  host (2016–present)

International Short Film Night  host (2017)

Film Lab: Producing  host (2017)

Baltic Film Society screenings  host (2015–16)

French Film Festival screenings  host (2014–15)

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