Fertility Daze

2018 | romantic comedy | 19m | 1.85:1 | colour | english (silent)

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Tom and Eve have five days to make a baby, but events conspire to keep them from their quality time.

Fertility Daze is a silent rom-com mixing live action with stop-motion animation. It was conceived by Andrew Gunn and storyteller Daiva Ivanauskaitė, and won the Greenlight Script Pitch competition in September 2017. The film was shot in May 2018 and is currently in post-production.

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starring Katie Power | Tim Barrow | Catriona Hamilton

directed by Andrew Gunn

written by Daiva Ivanauskaitė & Andrew Gunn

produced by Olivia Reitala | Andrew Gunn

executive producers Sean Lìonadh | James Goi, Jr | Matthew McClure

director of photography George Harwood

production designer Akvilė Dirmauskaitė

costume designer Elizabeth Brown

edited by Elettra Arnell

score by Christopher Belsey

animation directed by Daiva Ivanauskaitė & Andrew Gunn

associate producers Graeme Cassels | Peter Crellen