Reflections of a Private Eye

2018 | film noir | 39m | 1.78:1 | colour | english


Dick Nicely is gunned down in the comfort of his own home, and recalls the case that led to his death – a tail job for femme fatale Brigid Astor. But Brigid has her own story to tell – a deadly ride through the post-war underworld of gangsters, showbiz and forbidden love.

Reflections of a Private Eye is a film noir with a twist, reinventing the private eye and femme fatale archetypes and applying an unconventional structure to a classic genre.

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starring Karl J. Claridge | Nima Séne | Naomi Miller | Tim Harley | Craig McEwan

directed by Andrew Gunn

produced by Andrew Gunn | Ryan Pasi | Mandy Shannon | Myke Hall

screenplay by Andrew Gunn | story by Andrew Gunn & Graeme Cassels

director of photography Aaron Rivando

art director Daiva Ivanauskaitė

costume designer Elizabeth Brown

edited by Mark Fraser

score by Giles Meredith & Christopher Belsey

sound designers Jonathon McLoone | Craig Houston